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Who We Are
We Create Something New

In the Reading Rookies' enrichment classes, students learn the skills they need to become confident readers and spellers. Specifically, the classes focus on improving phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate individual sound phonemes in spoken words. Before children learn to read, they need to become more aware of how the sounds in the words work, and they need to learn how to manipulate those sounds. Children must understand that words are made up of speech sounds or phonemes. Phonemic awareness is the precursor to learning phonics. Phonics is the relationship of the letter/sound correspondence. These two skills make up the code your child needs to unlock the door to reading and spelling.

Our Mission

Reading Rookies' staff wants to cultivate pre-reading and reading skills to enable children to have a life-long love for reading. We recognize that children have different learning styles. We embrace these differences and engage the children through multi-sensory activities that will help your child build confidence in his or her abilities and inspire your child to be a life-long learner.


A day in the life of a Reading Rookie class

  • The enrichment classes engage students in fun, thematic activities that will build on your child’s knowledge of letters, sound recognition and sound blending. Each week we focus on 2-3 letters while combining play and learning. Through the use of fun, multi-sensory academics, games, crafts and stories, your child will gain the knowledge necessary to better prepare for reading and spelling. 
  • Our enrichment classes are structured for Pre-K children, ages 4–6.
  • The classes meet once a week.

About Our Founders

For more than 20 years, Carol Irgang and Wendy Moskovitz have been classroom teachers, private tutors, trainers and instructors for a well-known structured, multi-sensory reading program, working with teachers one-on-one and teaching seminars. In 2013, they decided to combine their knowledge and experience and design reading enrichment programs for 4-6 year-old children. This is an important age in which to get your child excited about letters, sounds and reading. Carol & Wendy believe that with a solid letter/sound base children will be primed for success in school and life.


What We Believe
The teachers at Reading Rookies are united in their belief that all children:

  • Have the power to learn
  • Have different learning styles
  • Are curious & creative
  • Can succeed


No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why we teach using multi-sensory learning. While students use all their senses, lessons and skills will reach all learning styles.